The Metaphysics of Transformers 3: The Dark Moon & Its Meaning


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First, forgive the paint on the back of my shirt. Second, forgive the lack of editing and transitioning in my video. I am editing on a PC with very little RAM and a less than optimum processor. I feel like throwing it out the window every time I sit down to do a video. Shouts out to the director of special effects and the effects team who put this film together!!! I've never seen such amazing special effects in my life. The light of the information that I present is NOT intended to make you hate anyone or go after anyone or boycott anything or be against anything. What we need is knowledge and understanding and the light of knowledge and understanding allows us to embrace the many realities that exist, while maintaining focus on the ones we wish to build and to which we wish to be a part. The ultimate means of making war with ideas and realities that you do not agree with is to give them the measure of attention you think they deserve or not to attend to them at all. As it relates to these movies, the best thing to do is to watch them if you enjoy this type of thing and then go home and get back to work on building the world you want to see realized on this plane(t). So, live, love, grow in knowledge and understanding of self, others, and the world in which we live and let the war-mongers and dark spirits end the old cycle as it begin -- in war. I may do a radio show that delves deeper into some of these concepts, so stay tuned to my next video for details. Below is the ...


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